“Knowing a trifle
about everything
gives life more
color-----Zhu Ge Liang


Born on August 24, 1993 in Kent, England, Robert Douglas Keal enjoyed an idyllic childhood in the countryside, causing trouble with his friends and reading everything from Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. When he wasn’t reading, he was writing. Songs, poems, plays, long and short fiction – he wanted to do it all! Growing up here, he developed a complete respect and a relentless thirst for knowledge.

Rob fell fully under the spell of poetry during his university years, eventually succumbing to temptation and publishing his first collection, Free house: A mindscape, in 2013. An expanded revised edition, Freehouse, was published in 2015. Throughout the Free House sequences, Rob strives for the surreal and avant-garde, while still respecting traditional poetic forms and styles. Space plays a key role in his work, too. Nimble yet disruptive, the flow of each poem complements the pub unit/theme.

Rob is currently fracturing new poems, as well as his first novel. When something exciting happens, he'll let everyone know about it!

This is his personal website.